We, the members of Team Filardi, welcome you to our web site, and we would like to thank you for visiting with us. As you cruise through the site you will see pictures of the team in action, or rather posing after the action. We all possess a common bond that unites us together; and that most definitely includes you. Whether we are hunting, fishing, or just being out of doors in the wild, we are all linked to one another. And when we watch the stars of our favorite outdoor shows, it's as if we are there with them, setting the hook, releasing the arrow, or pulling the trigger. Does it really get any better than what we love to do? I don't think so. This is what we are all about.

Get in the woods and hunt.

Lou Filardi

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NYBowhunter.com - 2010 Youth Turkey Hunt from NYBowhunter.com on Vimeo.

Thank you for your interest in Buckaroo-Stoo, a premium deer attractant. We have spent many hours in the woods testing, retesting, and analyzing ways to make it more effective, and have utilized the expertise of several outdoor professionals who have tested Buckaroo-Stoo in various parts of the country with excellent results.

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